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Northgate & West Walk – The Hungerford Chantry

The Hungerford Chantry on Choristers Green is the home of the Precentor of Salisbury Cathedral. In 1323 Bishop Mortival (or Martival) put the choristers to live there, in the care of a Warden. They lived there for twenty two years, and afterwards continued to live in other houses around the Green until they moved to the Wren Hall / Braybrook House site in 1564. Although a minor canonry from the 13th century it is thought that a building on this site was funded by Robert Lord Hungerford, in 1459, for the housing of the priests serving his chantry chapel in the cathedral.

Text by John Bushell – Photographs by H.-Dieter Scholz


Photograph: H-Dieter Scholz


Photograph: H-Dieter Scholz