Salisbury Cathedral Close Preservation Society

The Close Recorded: Watercolours from the Edwin Young Collection

A talk by Dr Emily Dunbar, Curator, The Young Gallery

The Society was delighted to welcome Dr Emily Dunbar, Curator of the Young Gallery, on 27 March 2024 for a presentation about Edwin Young and his watercolours of The Close.

The Edwin Young Collection, housed in the Young Gallery inside Salisbury Library, encompasses over 500 pieces, including watercolours, drawings, and unfinished works by Edwin Young (1831-1913). Young was a notable Victorian watercolourist, and his collection is a significant source of topographical and social historical content about Salisbury and its surroundings from the mid-19th century to just before World War I​.

In addition, the Young Gallery encompasses a further 3,500 pieces of a wide variety of artworks and books.