Salisbury Cathedral Close Preservation Society

Supporting Excellence in Heritage Estate Management

AGM 2013/14

The 2013 AGM, 11 March 2014
The Military Museum.

Excerpt from the Chairman’s Report:

“During the last year we have seen some progress by the Cathedral towards the considerable number of improvements needed.

The little Paradise toilets are of a very high standard – a long overdue improvement. I have asked that consideration be given to having public toilets as part of the Ladywell modifications. We suggest that this should not be a free facility.

We are concerned that the lighting around the Close, for both safety and security reasons is inadequate. The West Walk is particularly hazardous and we are pressing for suitable modern lights at intervals on the west side of the wall.

Having spent much time on Arundells I feel that the final permanent planning permission contains all the necessary restrictions to ensure the ambience of the close does not suffer. If unding for opening to the public dries up then there is an obligation on the Trustees to return the house to residential use.”

The Chairman thanked the officers for their very active support.

The AGM was followed by a talk about this year’s Salisbury International Arts Festival given by the Festival’s Director Mr. Toby Smith


The Chairman’s address 

T Smith DSC01213 s269
T Smith DSC01217 s269

Mr. Toby Smith, Festival Director