Salisbury Cathedral Close Preservation Society

In Memoriam Brenda Theodora MacKechnie – Jarvis

We are sorry to report the death of Brenda Mackechnie-Jarvis, who died on August 20, 2017. Together with her husband Charles they were founder members as well as committee members of the SCCPS. Both had a keen interest in the Close and lived at Number 9 for some years having previously lived in London where they brought up their family. They later moved from the Close to Milford Hill Road and enjoyed the extensive and beautiful garden. During her time as member of the SCCPS Committee, she gave well considered opinions about the changes to traffic management proposed by the then Dean. She readily took on the administrative responsibilities of the Committe. Brenda was the most practical of people and always optimistic. Her determination to maintain her fitness, particularly through walking, despite the pain and discomfort she experienced in doing so, reflected her positive view of life. She made countless cakes for many good causes as well as the SCCPS and was always ready to help and support those in need. She elected to join a small group of elderly people who were offered the chance of studying GSE Latin which she greatly enjoyed and continued to attend and contribute to the classes until very shortly before her death. Mrs MacKechnie – Jarvis September 2016