Salisbury Cathedral Close Preservation Society

AGM 2023/24

The AGM 2023/24, 25 March 2024
Medieval Hall, The Close – Starting Time: 18:30

  1. Apologies

Apologies were received from 15 members, including two Trustees.

Trustees present were Terry Byrne (Chairman), Jeremy Edwards (Deputy Chairman), Dick Clements (Treasurer), Han-Dieter Scholz (Membership Secretary), Nick Bacon, Christopher King, Peter Sigler and Liz Slater. 27 members attended. We were particularly pleased to welcome Cllr Sven Hocking, and our Patron.

  1. Minutes of the AGM held on 21 June 2023 were approved
    Subject to correction of the date to 2023 the minutes were adopted nem com.
  2. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman, Terry Byrne, presented his report which is attached to these minutes.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer, Dick Clements, presented the accounts for the year ended 31st December 2023.

The Society’s net assets increased by £ 3,045 to £ 36,572.

This was due to continuing good sales of our guide booklet, improved subscriptions and donations as well as unrealised investment gains. Current, stocks of the booklet, paid for last financial year, are expected to last for another two and a half  years.

The accounts were adopted nem com and are attached to these minutes

  1. Membership

Hans-Dieter Scholz reported that membership had stayed at the same level as previously at 163 of which 20 are life members and 47 are households.

  1. Changes to Board Members and election of Board, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer

The appointment of new Board members, Peter Sigler, Lee Davidson and Kate O’Connor was endorsed.

Board members were re-elected. Dick Clements is unable to continue as trustee.

The Board will be chaired by Jeremy Edwards with Nick Bacon as vice-chair, Kate O’Connor as Secretary and Terry Byrne as Treasurer.

Nick Bacon thanked those trustees retiring or changing roles in the name of all members for their contributions over the past years.

  1. AOB

Nick Bacon gave an introductory talk about the Society’s efforts to help Chapter arrive at a more constructive solution to their ambitions for centralised office space. A first example has been made available to them for private briefings and discussion. This should be the first step for Chapter taking a more holistic and professional approach to managing their heritage estate.

A briefing event for members and guests in planned for early July 2024.

Following the talk Members joined the Trustees for drinks.

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Chairman’s Report